Sunday Surgical Scrub: May 8, 2016

Task at hand: This week I’m thinking about actions and experiences after being reminded of the Oscar Wilde words: “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes”. In living one’s life, there is perhaps no better barometer of engagement than the merriment of the experiences one amasses over time. Fear of mistakes or failure are never an adequate reason to shy away from an experience that may allow us to learn and grow. In fact – seek out experiences that are outside of your comfort zone regularly – and you will be rewarded multiple fold. I have come to appreciate that, fear of mistakes is nonsensical, and instead, I urge myself to ask questions and then to test them in the many spheres of life. An empirical life allows the days to become a series of experiments and life a collection of experiences.

In the news: Ted Cruz and John Kasich are out. Billionaire and former reality TV star Donald Trump is now the Republican presumptive nominee with primaries on Tuesday in Nebraska and West Virginia.

Medicine & Macula: A recent US CDC report shows that vision impairment increases the number of falls suffered by seniors. Almost half of all seniors with severe vision impairment reported falls and this is significantly more than counterparts with good vision (about 30%). This study, like several before it, give strong evidence that improving vison in the elderly is an important intervention that can decrease the number of falls. Falls, in the senior population, account for about 25% of hospital admissions and 1 in 4 die within a year of a major fall.

Check out the study here:

Gratis: Today is Mother’s Day and – to all the wonderful women who have helped shaped us – thank you and please know you are loved.

My best to you,
David Almeida

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